virtual video production

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what’s a theocaster?

TheoCaster is Theo Networks’ name for anyone involved in professional video production. If you have skills like VoiceOver, on-camera work, animation, script writing or editing, you’ve come to the right site! We’re creating an environment that makes it very easy for businesses to add that extra spark to their online videos by networking with each other. You can become part of that network, increasing your visibility, experience and connections, while making money in the process!

how do i get started?

Profiles are free and elaborate so that you can shine your brightest. Once your profile is created and your calendar of availability is set, just wait for the work. You’ll receive a notice when a member adds you to their network and/or requests work. Everything is handled through the Theo platform.

how do i get paid?

Members are billed as soon as they approve the work. Once the fees for your work are paid, you get paid. Mailed checks, direct deposit, or via email are all options you’ll have for receiving pay.

how much can i make?

Make as much as you want, there is no limit. The better your work is, the higher your reviews and the more requests you’ll get. Your profile allows you to promote yourself the best that you can and our search tools allow members to find you specific to your abilities.